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Interview with Raeesa Dawood: Twincare Hairstylist of the Year 2020 Winner

The talented Raeesa Dawood, whose salon is at Terenzo Suites, Dunkeld, was the winner of the 2020 Twincare Hairstylist of the Year. Her “Silk Route” themed East-West show with its beautiful, consumer-friendly hairstyles, clinched her the victory. Hairnews interviewed Raeesa to find out more.

Raeesa started her career nine years ago at the Terenzo hairdressing school in Melville, and during her apprenticeship she worked alongside Terenzo himself for a year. After working at Terenzo Hairdressing in Dunkeld, Raeesa moved into a Terenzo Suite last year. Today she runs her own, extremely busy, business from the suite, focusing on all aspects of ladies’ hairdressing.

Hairnews: What have the most important priorities been in your career?

Raeesa: From the time I started hairdressing, I knew I wanted to strive for brilliance and to become a true designer for hair. I have always longed to excel and have set myself goals to help me reach where I want to be. I think it’s essential to have a go-getter attitude as a hairdresser, and not wait for everything to come to you.

Hairnews: How have you achieved this?

Raeesa: Education is all-important, not only in South Africa, but also travelling overseas to see what hairstylists are doing and mastering in other countries. I attend education whenever I can, embracing all the available platforms within South Africa, and I travel overseas at least once a year to be educated out of the country. You can always learn, and this is such an important attitude to have.

Hairnews: What is your biggest priority for the clients in your chair?

Raeesa: As a women’s hairstylist, my priority is creating change. I strive to make my clients look great and feel better about themselves, and look for innovative and creative ways to achieve the look they want – from cut, to colour, to styling, to weddings. It’s vitally important for me to know enough to meet all my clients’ needs. After all, a woman’s hair is her beauty.

Hairnews: Having been a hairstylist employed by Terenzo Hairdressing, why did you take the leap and move into your own suite a year ago and how has this changed your business?

Raeesa: It was a natural step for me in terms of growth. I decided to seize the opportunity, because when you are working as an employee you don’t have the chance to learn all the elements that go into running a business. This has broadened my business knowledge, given me additional career freedom, and allowed me to expand and to grow my brand which has had a huge positive impact. I believe every hairdresser represents their own brand, so it is an important step.

Hairnews: How did you create your looks for the Twincare Hairstylist of the Year stage show?

Raeesa: I wanted my show to include every element of my work – cut, colour and styling. I also wanted it to be “real” and consumer focused, and I consulted every one of the professional models I used for my stage show, just as if they were clients in my chair. My aim was to create sought-after consumer looks that were slick and classy and would showcase the beauty of their hair. The theme “Silk Route” emphasised that women want to have silky, beautiful hair, no matter what their natural texture or colour is. Even the dancers in my show had a consultation and I cut, coloured and styled their hair in a way they loved.

Hairnews: How did you feel when you heard you had won?

Raeesa: I felt incredibly grateful and thankful, and it was a humbling experience. The title means everything to me and that was why I entered and what I hoped to achieve. Then I was amazed to receive a stunning hamper from Twincare, with an email listing all the other incredible prizes that were part of my win. I didn’t even expect to receive them and it was a fantastic surprise. I am thankful to everyone who helped me along the way – God, my husband, my family, my parents, and my friend Candice Turner who has given me so much help and support in this journey.

Hairnews: What is your advice to other hairstylists looking to succeed in competitions?

Raeesa: Go and get the education, experience what your career is about, set goals, and look to achieve them through hard work. Love what you do and do it with passion. Surround yourself with positive people who grow you and don’t bring you down.

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