January Marketing Idea: Birthday Makeover Special Offers

A great way to entice clients to do more and try more is to customise offers for “birthday makeovers” which you target to clients who have their birthdays in a particular month.

Inviting them to come in and benefit from a special deal on a makeover to help them look their very best for their birthday, is a personalised way of adding value to them on a day that means something special in their life. The deal is up to you – whether it’s a free shampoo and conditioner with their hairdo or a fabulously discounted rate – but what matters is that you’re taking the time to create an awesome personalised offer for them, to make them look fab on an important day. Giving extra value on a birthday offer reaps rewards and salons who have done this, report that the clients end up returning, spending more, bringing a friend, or telling their friends!

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