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Lady Keratin Launches: 3-step, 20-Minute Regenerating Treatment

Every day, hair is subjected to physical and chemical stress due to ageing, lifestyle, chemical treatments, and the use of brushes and tools. Over time, this weakens the hair and makes it unruly, brittle and dull.

Lady Keratin is a professional programme that takes only 20 minutes and consists of 3 easy steps.

The programme consists of intensive restructuring and widespread renewal. The innovative complex with active keratin deeply reconstructs damaged hair, restoring hydration, strength and brightness. Hair is left regenerated, elastic and renewed.

Benefits of Keratin

Keratin is concentrated in our hair, nails and skin. In hair, one of its main functions is to ensure the impermeability of the hair shaft, maintaining correct hydration. When keratin is lost, hair becomes dry, brittle and lifeless. It loses volume and shine and becomes thinner and more fragile.

Rich in sulphur, keratin chains keep the hair structure tight and healthy. Keratin provides strength, resilience and beauty. It protects and moisturises the hair.


Hair Bath – this prepares hair for the deep restructuring treatment, deep cleansing and gently opening the cuticles.

Hair Booster – this restructuring intensive treatment is based on active keratin, orchid and green tea extract to increase hair’s strength and leave it stronger, bright and regenerated.

Hair Filler Mask – this nourishes, restores and fortifies, improving and rebuilding the hair as well as sealing the cuticle so that the benefits of the previous steps are retained.

For more information on Lady Keratin or to experience these incredible results in your salon, contact Haircair.

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