Ledaplex Bond Protector Treatment Launches

Do you want better results and healthier hair after every chemical treatment?

Would your clients love to be able to do more chemical treatments without the risk of damage?

Everline is proud to launch the fabulous bond builder and bond protector, Ledaplex – distributed in SA by Haircair.

Ledaplex provides active protection with a restructuring action on the hair during every chemical treatment – colour, bleaching or perms.

Ledaplex works by reconnecting the sulphur bonds, and unlike most products on the market which act on the hair’s external layers, Ledaplex acts on the inside of the hair fibre for intense, long lasting results. The molecule has a high affinity with the hair’s structure and offers long-lasting protection and beauty. Its structure allows it to bend in a horseshoe shape to provide a protective film around the hair.

It can be used with any colour system and provides:

-Protection against damage

-Reinforcement of brittle and split ends

-Hair will not become fragile

-Repair and reinforcement of weak and damaged hair

Ledaplex Angel Primer: This is the ideal solution for strengthening weakened keratin and increasing hair’s strength, thanks to the unique and exclusive organic complex which restores hair’s health without interfering with the chemical service.

Ledaplex Angel Cream: This completes the effectiveness of the treatment and boosts the results with the same active ingredients that are in the Angle Primer. It optimises the treatment thanks to its fantastic reconstructing effect which offers a healthy, superbly moisturised result.

For more information on Ledaplex or to experience these incredible results in your salon, contact Haircair.

Tel: 021 448 8847

Email: larry@haircair.co.za


Look out for Monday's Hairnews where another incredible innovation from Everline will launch:

Lady Keratin System

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