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Special Mailer: Hairdressing Academies for Qualification Courses

This mailer provides a list of reputable, accredited academies in South Africa, that will have places available for students in 2020/21, where a full length hairdressing qualification can be obtained.

Top class education is the springboard to a successful career, and we are proud to feature academies that offer the highest calibre of education to ensure that their hairdressing graduates are skilled, prepared, and sought after in salons.

There is a worldwide shortage of hairdressers, but at the same time, hairdressing is a versatile career with a very high level of job satisfaction, that is completely technology-proof. We hope that this resource of education providers will make it easier for people to access colleges in their area and will also encourage parents and students to visit the colleges and find out more about what they offer, and the advantages of a career in hairdressing.

Read, enjoy, and share – here’s to attracting new talent into our amazing industry!


• Hairdressing: The Happiest Career in the World

• Hairdressers Cannot be Replaced by Technology

• Why you Need to Finish your Hairdressing Qualification

College Listings by Province

Hairdressing: The Happiest Career in the World

Career satisfaction and happiness is incredibly important to our life happiness, especially seeing we spend so much of our adult lives at work. Hairdressing is routinely voted as the happiest job by a long way, and numerous surveys have proven this.

What makes hairdressers happier than average?

It’s a combination of the pay, the stress levels, and the ability to work independently and be your own boss. True job satisfaction includes fulfilling your full potential, tapping into your creativity, and feeling you can make a difference.

Vocational workers such as hairdressers generally feel more appreciated at work compared to “white collar” staff, and have a better social life at work. Hairdressing allows you to be hands-on, use your brain and skills every day in your job, and be in charge of your own destiny. It’s one of the most sociable jobs in the world, and there are so many options available to a hairdresser – from freelancing to owning your own business, from working on cruise ships or for a top international salon. Hairdressers can also become educators or technicians for product supply companies.

A City & Guilds survey found hairdressers were most content in their career by a large percentage. They were followed by the clergy, chefs, beauticians and plumbers. The unhappiest on the scale included social workers, architects, civil servants, estate agents, secretaries and lawyers.

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Hairdressers Cannot be Replaced by Technology

Technology and automation are making many jobs redundant, and it is estimated that 35% of all jobs are at risk from automation in the next 25 years. Only a few categories of jobs are totally safe and future-proof, and hairdressing is one of these.

This is because hairdressing requires both creativity and skill. Every client is different, every cut is different, and colour services are customised to the individual and are technical in their application.

Additionally, hairdressing is a career where empathy is required, not only just to consult with clients and find out which haircut and style will suit their needs and lifestyle, but also to relate to clients during the service so that they feel comfortable, cared for and at ease.

The fine motor skills that are required to cut and style hair can never be replaced by a robot as they are too niche and specialised.

In an era where so many jobs are at risk of redundancy in the next 25 years – including drivers, waiters, cashiers, sales people, and even diagnosticians and lawyers – hairdressing is a very safe career path that will remain viable for the foreseeable future and beyond.

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Why you Need to Finish your Hairdressing Qualification

By Charmaine Joubert – Lime Light Hair & Beauty

Hairdressing has come a long way since the days of bad perms, hooded dryers and purple rinses, now it’s an industry booming in skill, talent and technology – and as we all have hair, it’s a skill that’s always in demand!

It’s a people’s career, where you can travel, work on cruise ships and exotic destinations, earn extremely good money, have your own business with flexible hours, become a sales representative or educator in a corporate company. You will always have work!

But to set you apart from the rest you need to finish your qualification. Without the paper work, you will not benefit from the great earning potential that this industry offers. Without the credentials you will not have the credibility with your customers, or being acknowledged as a professional.

Don’t quit, stay motivated, have the perseverance of finishing your course. The industry needs you; the new generation professional stylist.

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