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EOHCB Festive Season Tips

Last year, the EOHCB published a fantastic article full of relevant festive season advice. Here is a summary of it for a timely and seasonal reminder on how to make the most of this year’s festive season.

1.Plan ahead. Prepare your employees for the festive season by organizing who is working what days and at what times? Who gets what day(s) off? Setup rosters and alternate employees to accommodate the needs of the business and the employees.

2.Keep your clientele in mind when planning your festive décor, and remember to establish and display your festive operating hours and communicate them to your clients in advance.

3.Stock up on products so you don’t run short.

4.Stock up on staff! If needed, appoint seasonal employees on fixed term contracts to assist during the busy season.

5.Promote your festive specials from November through to the end of January.

6.Contact your clients and encourage them to pre-book their appointment(s) for the festive season and share with them your festive specials via a curtesy call, SMS, WhatsApp, Website and email or on your social media pages etc.

7.Invest in gift cards, which clients can purchase for their loved ones. Offering your clients the opportunity to purchase gift cards eases the stress of festive shopping.

8.In social media, make sure the content that you share is festive, enticing and clear. It is also an opportunity to promote complimentary or discounts on services and products. Client love freebies and/or discounts.

9.Express your gratitude to your loyal, regular clients through a small gesture. For example, a thank you and best wishes card supported by a small treat whilst enjoying their cup of coffee or tea.

10.Be positive, confident and consistent in your approach and you shall enjoy the benefits of optimizing the festive season. Be bold and authentic and remain focused on the needs of your clients. You have an obligation to meet or exceed their needs, to look and feel good!

Wishing you a prosperous festive season!

The EOHCB For more information on the EOHCB please contact us on: Contact: 012 807 1628 Email: Website: Facebook: EOHCB National Instagram: eohcbsa Twitter: @eohcbsa

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