Silent Hairdressing Services are the New Must-Have

It’s a brand new trend that Not Another Salon in London is pioneering and which is spreading like wildfire – the Silent Hairdressing Appointment trend.

Not Another Salon started this service because they realized that in today’s world, mental health is a huge priority, and that sometimes making conversation when you are burned out and simply feel like being quiet, can be stressful. Knowing that you can totally relax, without the need to converse, can be a life saver for over stressed clients who would rather just chill out for their appointment.

When booking, clients are asked if they want a silent appointment and if they are, they will be given their consultation as normal but after that, their hair services will all take place in a relaxed and comfortable silence.

What do you think? Would this fly in your salon and do you have clients who might want this service?

Let us know by emailing or messaging 082 891 8537.

Here’s the link to the full article on Not Another Salon.

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