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Colour Step by Step: Painted Light Technique by Jose Garcia Peluqueros, Spain

A brunette look is given light, movement and depth with a beautiful colour technique, transforming the hair. Here is a step by step tutorial of how Jose Garcia achieved this stunning result.

1. Before.

2. Front Part.

3. Rear sections with inclined partitions separating the crown of the rest.

4. Apply Igora Royal Nude 10-46 to 30vol, at the ends of the sections by freehand leaving a few cm without leading to the root.

5. Finish by applying the nude tone to the entire end of the partition.

6. Repeat the same operation in each section interspersing some of 10-46 to 30vol with others of 12-1 to 40vol to create light effects inside the hair.

7. Continue with the same technique for the rest of the sections interspersing the tones.

8. Release the crown partition carefully and apply a few strokes of nude tone 10-46 to 30vol.

9 And 10. Final photos with color result

Hair: Jose Garcia Peluqueros, Pamplona, Spain

Photographer: Aitor Esparza.

MUAH: Isabel García

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