Keep Ahead of Change by Being Prepared – with Koleston Perfect ME+

Change can be stressful but it is necessary for progress to occur. Few industries change as often and as rapidly as the fashion and beauty industry and we, as stylists, need to be ahead of the curve to be successful in the game.

The difference between a good stylist and a great stylist is knowing what clients want before they know that they want it! Being prepared for change means having the tools and products to deliver on expectations before trends hit. We know, for example, that colour clients in particular are more ingredient-conscious than ever before. They are deeply vested in their wellbeing and in making pure, mindful choices. Added to this, they also want to be assured of quality results.

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect ME+ launched well ahead of the current wellness trend, giving stylists a competitive edge in the colour market. Stylists who have benefitted most from KPME+ are those who have learned all there is to know about using the product effectively and optimally. They were prepared for change.

Nothing less than pure, even colour from root to tip

KPME+ is Wella’s purest colour ever and the perfect solution for ingredient-conscious clients. ME+, with superior colour technology, is the onlyoxidative permanent hair dye molecule to replace PTD and PPD, compounds that can produce skin irritations or allergies.**

In addition to delivering perfect colour results every time*, every single hair strand, from root to tip, is less damaged than ever before. Radical changes in formulation mean that you and your clients are protected against harmful chemicals making KPME+ the best possible lifestyle and wellbeing choice. With KPME+, the only surprises are positive surprises from your delighted clients!

*Using NEW Welloxon Perfect and strictly adhering to usage instructions.

Use NEW Welloxon Perfect with KPME+ for perfect colour results. Results are guaranteed if instructions are strictly adhered to.

Looking after existing clients

We sometimes get so caught up in growing a salon business that we put most of our efforts into finding new clients. But what about our existing clients who are already investing in our services? KPME+ Add-On Services encourage clients to fill chairs more often by returning to the salon in between visits. These visits help to maintain long-lasting colour by restoring back that “heavenly hair feeling” experienced immediately after a full colour service.

Pure Balance Services (Pure Soft Balance, Pure Intense Balance and Pure Rebuilt Balance) are perfect services for colour refreshing of mid-lengths and ends and are suitable for any colour fade or hair type.

Pure Glossing Service is ideal for blondes.

• For soft blonde with sandy hues, use shades with natural warmth such as 9/38, 10/03 and 10/38

• For muted blonde with a vintage filter, use cool gloss shades to shift conventional red or brunette. Recommended shades are 7/17 and 9/97.

Pure Glossing Service for in between colour services restores that “heavenky hair feeling”.

To reiterate, positive change is only possible if you are prepared for it. Be prepared by learning all there is to know about the products you use in your salon. For more information about our colour products, services, workshops and seminars, please email Elizma Crous, National Education Manager at Elizma.C@modern

An allergy test should be implemented as a standard service 48 hours before any new colour application.

** ME+ technology has been specifically designed to replace the PTD molecule linked to allergic reactions to hair colour. It not only allows even colouring, but also significantly reduces the development of new allergies for people not allergic to hair colourants.Although the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe andstylists are urged to implement a patch test as a standard service before any new colour application.Strictly follow safety instructions and consult ME+is present in specific Koleston Perfect shades of Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Special Blonde and Deep Browns.

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