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THASA Alberton 2019 Competition: Skills, Talent & Creativity

THASA Alberton recently held their famous annual competition.

This event gives all students a chance to shine, gaining incredible experience in putting their practical skills to the test in a creative way. It also gives the academy a chance to show the hairdressing industry the quality of education that is available at THASA.

At this academy, the highest calibre of education is given by lecturers who are experts in their fields, and invested in the career success of their students. THASA students are fully equipped to take on the world of hairdressing – whether they choose to work in a salon, on board cruise ships, or in the fashion, film or freelance industry.

The academy’s vision is: Producing top class candidates to put into the industry.

This year, the competition theme was “80s Icon Neon Lights” and students were told to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” when creating their looks.

“What a fabulous event! Rock stars in the making,” academy principal Jacquie Skinner explained. Thank you to Inoar, Biosense and THASA Alberton for all the prizes, as well as to the Level 4s and full time students.

A special thank you to the judges who had the most difficult job of all! Thys Ferreira from Biosense, Hennie from Salon Anjo (also a lecturer) and Brad de Waal from Hairnews South Africa.



1st place: Kirsten Warren (Judy Jetson) and Kayla Rubenstein (Madonna)

2nd place: Lisa Williams (Siouxie and the Banshees)

3rd place: Micaela Odendaal (Theo Kogan) and Lisa Skinner (Cyndi Lauper)


1st place: Kerann Bekker (Kiss)

2nd place: Juanelle de Jager (Jane Fonda)

3rd place: Eve Webb (Mad Max)

See Galleries below for photos from the night.




Backstage, Judging and Social

THASA Alberton is accredited with Services Seta and City & Guilds, and is a registered Trade Test centre.

If you are keen to enter the exciting, creative and sustainable career of hairdressing, get in touch! We would love to answer any questions, explain how our qualification course works, give you an academy tour, or book you in for 2020!

Tel: 011 051 7300

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