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Why I Hire Cruise Ship Hairdressers: by Andrew Guilfoyle, owner of Scar Hair, Cape Town

Q: Is there a difference in stylists who have worked on board ship, compared to those who have not?

A: Yes – there is a very clear difference. The reality is that my ears always prick up when I hear of someone coming off a ship. This is one of the few things I will gravitate towards.

Q: Why is that?

A: Firstly, their service is always better. They have worked with a bigger variety of people who have very high expectations. They are good team players who have learned to work well with their colleagues as well as their clients.

Q: What about their hair skills?

A: Their skill in managing hair is outstanding – manageability and handling of hair creates a very good foundation for us, and this is important as we are a funkier salon. All they need to do is to be exposed to the work we do, and they pick it up immediately. They will have challenged themselves meeting their clients’ expectations on board, because of servicing all kinds of clients who like their hair in different ways. They learn very fast in all areas and are willing to try anything.

Q: Do you find a difference in their attitude to work?

A: Cruise ship hairdressers seem to handle difficult situations better and are more well balanced. They are not nit pickers or clock watchers. They work hard and their work ethic is amazing. It is a huge benefit. They don’t have egos and are not over-emotional. As a salon owner this is a huge benefit. Once off the ships, they are very motivated to move ahead and build a clientele on land.

Q: What about their personalities?

A: Through travel they have become more worldly, and are open minded rather than narrow minded. A person who takes the plunge to work on board is willing to work, more adventurous, and therefore more open. It definitely takes a certain kind of person to take the leap and go for this experience, with the great earnings. They are ambitious hairstylists who are already on a very definite career journey. All we can do is keep them with us and continue growing them for as long as we can, as they are huge assets to the salon.

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