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Talking Point: Grey or Nay?

One of our leading hairdressers (remaining anonymous for this article) recently posted on social media that not every client can be blonde – and that most people can’t be grey!

The fashion trend for grey hair has seen a lot of clients wanting to embrace this look, bleaching and toning their hair and then allowing their natural grey to grow out. However this hairdresser believes that there are few clients who really suit this look and that the majority would look better if they continued with the tint of their choice.

She explains that it’s a difficult situation for hairdressers, as it’s a profitable service going grey and a lot of hairstylists will not turn down the income from the services. Also, some clients are set on going grey as they believe it’s fashionable and trendy. However, she warns, “I think a lot of them will look back in ten years and have regrets. Also, the feedback from many of the husbands has not been positive... although they don’t say anything to keep the peace!”

Some clients, who already have predominantly grey hair, enjoy going grey and say it saves them time. However those who thought it would be a cheaper option are often surprised that their budget stays the same, as grey requires a lot of toning and the correct maintenance products to keep looking good.

Here are her comments on some pictures from the Internet.

Photo 1

This is a positive for grey! Her blue eyes suit it and there is a slight dark smudge at the roots ...I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of toner on her hair.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Photo 2

This woman is beautiful and can carry of the grey .. eye colour and skin tone works .... however, I reckon if we were to guess her age she would actually be about 6 years younger than our guess, so it's a case of because you can doesn't mean you must!

• • • • • • • • • • •

Photo 3

In my opinion this client would look much better with colour here, even if the white piece in the front was left out and the rest of the head coloured – even if it was to a dark charcoal grey.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Photo 4

There needs to be more colour play and vibrant colours here to make her look her age ..

What do you think?

Send your feedback to or message us on 082 891 8537 – we’d love to hear your opinion on the grey trend and how it has influced your clients!

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