Introducing Dear Deer Anti-Aging Satin Pillowcases

The perfect product for clients to spoil themselves and their hair!

Discounted Bulk Pricing available for salons - this is the perfect retail item that your clients will love!

Being a polyester material, satin doesn't absorb moisture the way natural fibres like cotton do.

Dear Deer satin pillowcases help clients hair maintain it's natural moisture and this helps prevent dry frizziness, slip ends and breakage.

They also keep their hair looking shiny and help their blowouts last longer.

Sleeping on satin does not only pamper your clients hair, there are so many benefits to sleeping on satin…

• Maintains natural moisture balance in your hair & skin

• Prevents hair loss, split ends & damage

• Helps your blowouts last longer

• Prevents dry, frizzy & dull hair

• Keeps hair shiny

• Gentler on eyelashes, extensions & braids

• Minimizes facial wrinkles & puffiness

• Won’t absorb face cream and serums

• Soothing on the skin after facial treatments or procedures

• Anti-againg

• Hypoallergenic

• Recommended by doctors for chemo patients

• Great for preventing knotty “bed head” for babies & kids • Pets love them too

Beautifully packaged. Available in a wide range of colours. And are officially Vegan & PETA approved. For more details or email

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