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Indola Street Style Collection How-Tos

The Street Style movement has shifted the way fashion trends operate, and given power back to the people. The streets have become the new runway. As much as fashion is being driven by the traditional big name houses, the world’s trend-makers bloggers editors are dictating the “New Cool”

Blogger Inspired Looks.

Social media has an elementary role to play as looks from the street are instantaneously shared across platforms like Instagram and Twitter to a devoted audience.

Folk Touch

This trend is all about an organic, farm aesthetic. We have brought this into the colour in terms of both technique and palette; the woven highlighting technique echoes the weave of the natural fabrics referenced by the trend; while the copper tones and the dusted pastels all have an earthen quality and reflect the light and landscape.

Civil Society

This trend is all about edge, it's about using the way you look to make a statement and that's exactly what we have ensured. Textured bleached shapes reference the punk element of the trend while also promoting the genderless vibe which is huge right now.

The perfect true lift with more attitude reads the genderless, punk, DIY, iD millennial inspired aesthetic of the trend.

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