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NEW SEB MAN Now in South Africa

The new grooming line for the #undefinable man

Sebastian Professional, the professional haircare and styling brand found in salons around the world, has extended its expertise to include men. SEB MAN focuses on the busy Millennial and Gen-Z men of today and is one of the first men’s grooming lines to recognise the shift in what it means to be a man in today’s world, and to answer the call of men looking to break free from stereotypes.

What sets SEB MAN apart from its contemporaries is its distinct awareness of the fact that today’s men don’t want to be defined by one descriptor alone. Urban, trendy, and on-the-go, the Millennial man is part of “the slasher generation” juggling multiple careers and passions. He demands convenience, simplicity, and quality, in order to more readily fit into his otherwise highly-charged life.

In answering this call, SEB MAN offers a line of hassle-free care, styling, and grooming products made for the man of today. The perfect daily power-shot for effortlessly cool men on-the-go who refuse to be defined in any way.

Care line-up

• THE PURIST Purifying anti-dandruff shampoo. Cleanses the hair and scalp with skin-friendly pH. For normal to oily hair.

• The MultiTasker3-in-1 hair, beard and body wash. For all hair types.

• THE SMOOTHER Rinse-out conditioner. Adds moisture and manageability.

• THE COOLER Refreshing leave-in tonic. Stimulates the scalp with a cooling sensation. Creates definition and denser-feeling hair. Ideal as a styling prep.

Styling line-up

• THE SCULPTOR *Mineral clay with a matte finish. For long-lasting hold and texture.

• THE DANDY Light hold pomade. For a shiny, polished finish.

• THE PLAYER Medium hold gel. Provides control and is easy to distribute through hair.

• THE FIXER High hold hairspray. Re-workable with up to 24h anti-humidity control.

Grooming line-up

• THE PROTECTOR Shaving cream. Softens beard hair and helps protect the skin. For all beard types.

• THE GENT Moisturising after shave balm. Calms and hydrates skin after a close shave. Leaves a cooling effect on the skin.

• THE GROOM*Hair and beard oil. For smoothness, controlled definition and shine. An exclusive blend of grape seed, jojoba, almond and Argan oils.

This impressive line-up is infused with a natural source of power, energy, and stamina – the guarana plant – with a stimulating scent of fresh bergamot, audacious peppercorn and warm amber. The result is a masculine, woody, oriental, spicy fragrance.


SEB MAN answers the call from men who refuse to be defined by narrow and limiting definitions of themselves and encourages men to not only go beyond mere stereotypes, but to also embrace the exciting, new wave of masculinity. Hassle-free SEB MAN products inspire men to discover who they are and, more importantly, who they could still become.

SEB Man’s Global Creative Artist, Aiden Xydis, leads the charge in celebrating the rich multiplicity and individuality of men and their hair.

The 22-year-old Australian stylist and self-described digital addict has recently been making waves on the editorial circuit with looks that represent the perfect mix of classic refinement and cutting-edge charm. “I love doing sleek, sharp cuts and lifting my client’s image to new heights.” His young and fresh vision sets the scene for a new era of haircare, styling and grooming for men.

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