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Reasons Why Your Hair Iron NEEDS a Temperature Control

Let’s jump right into it. The days where “one-size-fits-all” solutions are considered to be suitable for a wide range of situations are over! We can’t expect people to be happy with only one option in this day and age anymore. We are spoiled for choice and that is how it should be, especially when it comes to hair irons and temperature control.

There is no perfect heat setting to maintain healthy hair as all hair types are different and therefore Veaudry irons have an adjustable temperature control as all hair is unique and allows you to select the heat you need. Veaudry cares about all people, whether you have thick, frizzy, thin or curly hair, whatever your type or texture, we have your back. (or should we say Crowning Glory)

Average hair types will use the Veaudry iron on 170°C to 190°C and more fragile hair that is perhaps chemically treated or blonde hair will use the Veaudry iron on as little as 130°C to 150°C. Using it on higher temperatures will damage your fine, chemically, highlighted hair, therefore, you need an iron with adjustable heat settings. People with thick coarse hair can happily set their iron to 210°C for extra assistance when styling their hair. Again, spoiled for choice.

Professional hair stylists that do brazilian blowouts or keratin treatments need higher heat options in order to activate the product effectively, thus these chemicals do not work as well on lower temperatures or with irons with only one heat setting, they need temperatures of up to 230°C, as per manufactures guidelines. Ironing fewer times with the correct heat setting = less damage.

For example, let’s take a car, we know that there is an average (safe) speed on the road, yet we don’t buy a car that only offers one speed. Also, just because a car has the ability to reach high speeds does not mean we are going to drive at high speeds, we are instead going to adjust the speed to different conditions on the road. Sometimes we will need the high speed to pass a car quick and safe, just as we need the extra heat for thick coarse hair, or more importantly you would drive slowly in poor driving conditions.

We can also use an oven to emphasize why you need a Veaudry iron that has an adjustable heat setting but I think you get the picture; all recipes don’t require the same heat!

Veaudry puts the power back into your hands to decide what temperature your hair needs in order to get the OPTIMUM result.

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