July Hairoscopes

July 1, 2019

What do your stars foretell for July? Astrologist Zema reveals. For a full personalised reading, contact her on 083 430 1456. 



Got to use the brain here a bit, Cancer. You may have made a few wrong choices lately, and the sooner you get them right the better. You have so much to do in the next year or so that its best to keep your temper and move along with the things that matter. A new job offer may be on the cards, but you’ll have to skate around a bit to keep everything going. There are some spiritual issues that you must pay attention to also.


LEO  22 JULY - 22 AUG

You seem to have ideas like mad, but you’re not actually getting to choose the one or two you really need to pay attention to right now. Make a list or (or two) and start working your way through everything with great attention to detail which is a strong life talent of yours. Even the Loved One will be impressed! The main thing is to keep your brain straight about how much you can tackle with getting frustrated. Slow.


VIRGO  23 AUG – 22 SEP

You’re actually getting to take the path you have wanted for a long time. The trick is to realize that this IS the path and stop doubting yourself.  You usually think you know everything Virg, but in this case you actually need advice. People who understand you (?) will be the ones to help you, but you have to keep the infamous “Patience” and listen carefully. The better you do with this, the better the love life becomes. Want this or not?



Right Lib! Time to go for it with a passion! Whether it’s your job or your love life, you can really do well as long as you keep at it without losing your patience or paying so much attention to detail that you miss your opportunities. You’ve had an idea that could be good as long as you involve the people who understand you and what you want. Please involve the right people in this, or you could end up with anger only … 



Love life ain’t bad Scorp, but there’s a very good idea that will occur to you that will improve it amazingly! It’s something special for both of you and the sooner you get to discuss it with him/her the better. You both have talents that you are not paying attention to enough and now is the time to discuss them. If you are considering changing your job, now would be a good time to think strongly of this before you do it. 



If you’re considering travelling round the world, not such a good idea - you have other things to do first, like thinking up a good idea of how to make a bit more money before you get carried away with this. The Good Idea, believe or not, will be supported by people you would never have considered, so - treat them nicely and listen carefully to what they say, and don’t forget to keep them involved - don’t appear ungrateful …



Time to relax a bit Cap! Do you know how to do this? If you can’t imagine exactly how to do it, why don’t you turn to your partner for some good ideas? He/She will not only be amazed, but will do just about anything to make this come true. He/She needs it as much as you do! The only trick to this is to do something that doesn’t cost a fortune but will bring Relaxation and Peace. Peace of Mind - can you spell this??



Romance, Aqua! You could do well here, but don’t rush into anything without making sure that everything is the way you would like it. Which does not mean Drag On and On and allow it to disappear - talk to a friend who understands you (who on earth would that be?) and listen to his/her advice. Being a water sign you’re fairly good at going with the flow so trying to drown someone at work would not be a good idea. 



If you’re a true Pisky, you understand people in general quite well, but sooner or later you have to draw the line and put down your foot and use the word “No!”. Whoever is annoying you will be taken aback, but the good thing about it is that you will get results. Going with the flow is not always the best attitude, so think carefully. You are greatly loved by so many people you have no idea. Your True Love adores you forever.



If someone has annoyed you almost beyond bearing, walk away because truly they are not worth the energy. You have something to do that you keep putting off. Since when do you drag on with anything? Time to get up and do it, and once it’s done, you’ll wonder why you waited so long … Your health needs a bit of attention and then you need to make plans for that wonderful achievement you have been considering for tooo long!



Time for you to get up and go Taurus! There are several things you would like to achieve before the end of the year - no time like the present! You’re taking too much time thinking about it instead of doing it. Give more attention to the special people in your life and do something for them. You’re good at making money, so now is the time. However, do your best not to annoy people along the way. You need their support.



Busy time for you Gem! You seem to have a million ideas, but you have to remember not to get yourself in a tangle. Think carefully, make lists, get help from people you trust, and you could end up getting much more than what you actually wanted. Try and get a balance between what you have to do and what you want to do … Sounds easier than what it actually is, so try and keep your temper and make lots of notes. Get help.


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