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Stacy Fagan: International Colour Trophy Report Back

Stacy Fagan, winner of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2018 in South Africa, recently took part in the International L’Oréal Colour Trophy finals in Paris. This was held together with L’Oréal’s 110th anniversary celebrations.

Hairnews interviewed Stacy to find out about her experience representing South Africa on stage at this incredible event.

Q: So – what made this experience the most memorable?

A: So many things! It was a huge blessing to be among so many of hairdressing’s biggest names, rubbing shoulders with them, seeing their talent and the incredibly hard work that goes into creating their looks. And of course, being part of such an amazing Colour Trophy show which featured the worldwide winners, and some of the best hairdressers in the world.

Q: What about your experience in Paris – what was it like?

A: It was the most incredible time. Attending the fashion show in the Louvre, eating crepes at the Eiffel Tower, the amazing food, being spoilt and looked after by L’Oréal – Taryn Bloem is so caring and went out of her way to make us feel valued, special and spoiled. We had so many gifts and treats, and I received a beautiful plaque for competing.

Q: What did you learn from the international competition?

A: It was interesting to see the variety of hairstyles by national winners – everything from shaved short, to long hair, made it to the finals. Competing taught me about the importance of remaining totally focused and calm while you prepare, and working methodically and correctly. I made a mistake during the styling which I could have kicked myself for... in a hurry, I grabbed the Sea Salt spray instead of the Shine Spray, and ended up with a matte, beachy effect instead of the glossy shine I wanted. Mistakes like that can cost you placings which is why it is super-important to remain focused and aware.

Q: Who was the overall winner?

Wendy Gunn from Australia. I was so glad she won and (apart from myself of course), she was the person I hoped would win. Wendy turned 70 on the 2nd of May which shows you experience counts for everything! She is so funky and vibey and doesn’t look 70 at all! She was an absolute inspiration and showed me that you never have to slow down or start doing old fashioned work as you get older.

Q: Would you do it all again?

A: I absolutely cannot wait to do it again. I learned so much this time, and the experience has been such a boost for me, I feel like I have had fresh start in my career, but yet I have all my experience. It was an all round positive experience that has left me very hungry for more.

Q: What are your hints for success to other competitors?

A: Here are some of the most helpful hints I have learned from this:

  1. The more you do competitions, the more experience you gain.

  2. The brief is really important and will affect your approach, style, and final look.

  3. When you do a live final, you will be judged on how you work – how you use the products, weigh them, how you wash and treat the hair, and your timing.

  4. Simpler is often better!

  5. Don’t panic and over-use styling products for a live finals, but use them judiciously and as needed, else the hair will look overworked and you may lose shine.

  6. Condition is paramount and you cannot spend enough time ensuring your model’s hair is in top condition.

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