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Candice McKay’s “The Factory” Collection Launches

SA superstar hairstylist Candice Mckay’s 2019 collection, The Factory, is a colourful exploration of the 1970’s. Her inspiration came from feeling nostalgic before her fortieth birthday and looking through aged family photographs. These joyful and glamorous images are reminiscent of more simple time, where society was less jaded and group actions made large changes in the world. Andy Warhol’s Factory, a well-know gathering place that brought together distinguished intellectuals, playwrites, Bohemians, Rock Stars and freethinkers, known as the Warhol superstars, along with the iconic photography of Nat Finkelstein heavily influenced the collection. With muses such as Edie Sedgwick, Mick Jagger and Debbie Harry. Candice’s colour palette is not representative of the faded photographs that spurred the collection but rather a celebration of the original colour influenced by Kodak colour film of the time. The Factory is a celebration of youth and freedom from society’s norms.

Hairstyling and Colour - Candice Mckay using Davines.

Salon: Wyatt Hairdressing, Milpark Photography - John Rawson Make up - Maddie Austin Styling - Jamie Russell

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