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Milkshake Integrity Reconstruction System

Milk_shake Integrity Reconstruction System is an innovative system that restores hair’s essential components, returning it to maximum beauty. The targeted, customisable treatments deliver balanced active ingredients according to hair’s specific needs.

An amazing improvement will be seen right after the first application – hair will be shiny, soft, and strengthened from within.

milk_shake Integrity Reconstruction System includes:

Step A: milk_shake integrity rebuilder

The hair’s foundation is restructured for healthy, perfect hair. A net that represents the hair’s structure is built around the hair, intervening in the most damaged areas.

Step B: milk_shake integrity fibre sealant

After the foundation phase comes the fixing phase, where a binding ingredient within the hair fibre, guarantees the stability of the net structure. Precious ingredients stay within the hair and the cuticle is sealed and compacted with film-forming action, for a healthy shine.

Follow Up: milk_shake integrity leave in

Your client can maintain the amazing results for longer at home, for incredible manageability and softness. It is suitable for all hair types.

All products contain Amino Acid Complex, a plant-based keratin with 18 wheat and soy amino acids with an antioxidant, strengthening and protective action to give damaged hair what it needs.

Other targeted ingredients are:

• Hyaluronic acid for super-hydration and penetration into the hair

• Organic muru muru butter repairs, nourishes and strengthens

• Organic buriti oil repairs free radical damage

• Milk proteins give strength and resistance to hair fibre

• Organic fruit extracts have a protective, toning and conditioning action

You can choose between three levels of intensity of the service, according to your client’s needs and how badly the hair is damaged.

Find out more about this new generation of products and see the incredible results for yourself!

Contact milk_shake on Head Office: 021 552 2369 | Email: or | Facebook | Twitter

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