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Hair Loss Solutions in the Salon: Exclusive Interview with Johan Nortje, Isjon Intercoiffure

Over the past 10 years, hair loss has become almost 30 times more aggressive and is visibly apparent in today’s society. Genetics, diet, lifestyle and increased hormonal intake through food and water has resulted in the need for a ground-breaking hair loss solution that addresses today’s hair loss problems with the latest breakthrough ingredients and technology.

Newtrino Advanced Capillary Densifying Collection contains powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to anchor the hair deeper for longer, prolong the growing cycle and increase hair density by 121% after 14 days of frequent use.

Johan Nortje is the first Quarter Finalist in Newtrino’s Stylist of the Year. Below is an exclusive interview on how he approaches this important topic in his salon.

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Success, Sales and Solutions in the Salon

Jade Delphine Tome of Newtrino Hair Loss Solutions interviews Johan Nortje of Isjon Intercoiffure.

Johan Nortje has just been named the first Quarter Finalist in Newtrino’s Stylist of the Year. He speaks about his hairdressing journey, how a great consultation solves clients’ problems, and why he believes in Newtrino as an effective hair loss brand.

As a young boy, Johan Nortje was intrigued and fascinated by the hair salon world. His first job was sweeping floors and washing hair… by the time he got to Matric he had his own clients. And from there, his career began! Today this award-winning, colour specialist hairstylist owns his famous salon Isjon, is an Intercoiffure member and former fashion director, and has written a book and pioneered environment-focused projects using hair.

[Jade] What do you believe is the recipe to your success?

My philosophy is what you see in my work, you see my soul. I love what I do. Every hairstylist needs to be passionate about helping their customers, and to give them the best advice, service and products to help them achieve their goals and solve their problems.

[Jade] How do you build trust and commitment with your clients?

I personally feel proper consultation is priority. So for instance on the topic of hair loss, some clients aren’t even aware that they are losing hair, so during the process of a consultation we first listen to the client and understand the hair history, their diet and medications they are on. Clients also don’t understand what is considered a normal shedding cycle and what is excessive hair loss, so consultation and education is vitally important to build that trust.

[Jade] Do you believe this is testament to your success?

A client wants to know that the stylist understands their problems as well as fully understands the product that they are recommending. This is certainly testament to my team’s success, because we believe in educating and empowering our clients to solve problems, through the products and services we provide.

[Jade] How were you introduced to Newtrino?

I did a lot of research on Newtrino after I was referred to your company by a colleague and I was really intrigued by what Newtrino has achieved in the market so far. The one aspect that I love about this product is that it enables improved cellular communication within the follicle.

Clients are very educated and well-read on hair loss these days, and they are looking for products that don’t cause allergies and this is another reason why I love Newtrino. If you believe in something, you can sell it.

[Jade] You and your team at Isjon achieved some of the highest marks on the Newtrino Hair Loss Qualification, what do think is the reason behind your team’s passion and dedication to hair loss and solving your clients problems?

I have a fantastic team, but I also have to say that I have never had such in-depth training and support as I have received from Newtrino. It took over 6 weeks, and there were certain times where we were unsure and uncertain, but our trainer never got flustered or irritated with us, and when we wrote and passed our Newtrino Hair Loss Qualification, we all felt confident to promote this brand to all our customers to solve their hair loss issues.

[Jade] How important is it for clients to start their hair recovery journey - sooner rather than later?

What we realize now is that teenagers from the age of 13 and 14 are already starting to lose their hair. The sooner they come into a salon and undergo a proper consultation and analysis, the more hair they will be able to hold onto as they get older. We have learnt from Newtrino that the shape and pattern of hair loss assists in understanding the cause and gives us the confidence to prescribe the correct products. We take photos of our clients’ progress every time they come back to the salon, allowing clients to visually see their progress and encourage them to stay committed to the prescribed program.

As the first Quarter Finalist for Newtrino’s Stylist of the Year competition, Johan won the amazing prize of a two-night stay at Sun City – he donated the prize to his incredible salon manager, Daline.

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Watch the full interview with Johan below

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