Veaudry: Award Winning Technology and Incredible May Specials

Veaudry won the Woman & Home 2019 Beauty Award for BEST curling iron... and to celebrate, we have put some great deals together for the industry, as well as a reminder why Veaudry is the best loved, and most technologically advanced, iron on the market today.

Why Salons Love Veaudry

Founded by owner Michelle Stanton, the Veaudry brand has stood the test of time for over 13 years where many other brands have come and gone. We take pride in our cutting-edge technology that sets us apart.

We offer the best service and great prices, making sure that you, the hairstylist, is always uplifted and taken care of first and foremost!

Our Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

Veaudry irons contain ceramic and tourmaline technology with adjustable heat control settings so you can choose the heat you want.

Tourmaline is a semi precious crystal which produces vital ionic and infrared properties when heated. Veaudry uses tourmaline to heat hair from within, reducing damage to the cuticle, with breathtaking results! Tourmaline also eliminates environmental toxins, locks in moisture and adds shine.

Ceramic technology combined with the tourmaline produces more negative ions than ceramic alone, so the cuticle closes faster, locking in colour.

Special Salon Deals for May:

MyCurl Promo and Veaudry Display Stock Deal

Display Stock Deal: Having stock to display is hugely important and increases sales substantially. We’ve put this great May deal together to allow you to stock up on Veaudry tools that you can sell to your clients. Here are the details on this deal which is packed with value and add-ons. For more info: email

MyCurl Mother’s Day Promo: To celebrate our award winning curling wands, we’re offering a great deal on them. Take advantage of our incredible Buy 2, Get One Free, or Buy 3, Get Three Free offers. For more info: email

Want to take advantage of these great deals or find out more about the best loved salon brand?

Contact Details: | 0114654370 |

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