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Fanola Introduces Styling Tools: A New Way to Style Creatively

Styling Tools is the new styling and finishing range from Fanola, that introduces two news concepts of creative styling, developed in salon by professionals.

Products are innovative and functional, and meet the need for creativity, exclusivity and reliability.

There are three powerful technologies that will improve your styling techniques.

• Humidity Free Technology: Protects from humidity, flatness and frizz – ideal for warmer weather.

• Memory Technology: Allows products to be reactivated with water so styles can be maintained for longer with less retouching.

• Thermo Technology: Professional products that are activated by heat, and protect hair from straighteners, dryers, and other heated tools.

The Full Range

This consists of hairsprays, mousses, 2 volume sprays, 1 curl control fluid, 1 curl defining cream, 2 waxes, 1 pomade, 2 gels, superlight shine spray, split end controller and preventer serum and our absolute favourite... our Liss style smoothing fluid.

Memory Technology

Extreme Gel: Defines and shapes each detail; rapid drying.

Extra Grip: A creamy extra strong gel with a long lasting hold.

Super Matt: Extra strong shaping paste with a strong defining effect.

Working Wax: Shaping paste with a semi polish effect, ideal for creativity and fantasy.

Flexi Pomade: Flexible hold paste ideal for waves and curls with a matt, volumising effect.

Humidity Free Technology

Power Style: Extra strong hairspray with weightless, well defined hold.

Eco Spray: Extra strong lacquer with hold, shine and elasticity.

Power Volume: Gives a weightless, controlled hold with a light elastic effect.

Super Light Anti Frizz Glossing Spray: Non greasy formula that provides weightless gloss .

Thermo Technology

Full Body: Volumising mousse that fixes styles with a protective film around the hair shaft.

Volume Up: Volume root spray that restores body and hold to roots.

Easy Curl: Curl definition cream that separates curls with elasticity, texture and shine.

Curl Control: Curl defining fluid formulated to enhance and define curls, leaving them brilliant.

Go Curl: Curly mousse ideal for disciplining and defining curly hair.

Thermo Shield: Thermo protective spray that protects hair from heat creating softness.

Liss Style: Smoothing Fluid that nourishes and hydrates, eliminating frizz for softness and shine.

Thermo Force: Thermal Protective Fixing Spray that enables creative looks using styling tools.

Bright Crystals: Glossing crystals that prevent and repair split ends with shine; perfect for dry hair.

Total Mousse: Extra strong mousse that fixes styles with a protective film around the hair shaft.

For more info and prices, please contact the Fanola team.

Call: 031 826 5777

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