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milk_shake Natural Masks: Instant Effects for All Hair Needs

milk_shake has launched four Natural Care masks that are so divine smelling, your clients might just want to eat them! In fact the ingredients are so natural that these masks are really edible... but they work best when applied to the hair for brilliant and gorgeous, instant results.

Each mask has been designed especially for its hair type... Milk Mask for dry or damaged hair, Yogurt Mask for normal or coloured hair, Cocoa Mask for normal or coarse hair and Papaya Mask for fine or dull hair.

Milk Mask for Dry / Damaged Hair

The natural care milk mask is a milk powder protein compound, combined with the natural care mask base, with the benefits concentrated into a deep treatment that nourishes the hair and produces shiny, soft, healthy results.

Yogurt Mask for Natural / Coloured Hair

Rich in nourishing proteins, lactic acid and vitamins, the yogurt mask combines with the natural care mask base to nourish hair. The acidity of the compound works to protect hair colour.

Cocoa Mask for Natural / Coarse Hair

Cocoa is a natural antioxidant for strong nourishing of the hair. Combined with the natural care mask base, it has a delicious scent and provides a deep treatment for hair and a shiny, soft, healthy result.

Papaya Mask for Fine / Dull Hair

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, Papaya and the natural care mask base combine into a deep treatment that revitalises and hydrates the hair for shiny, soft, healthy results.

The Mask Base

The natural care milk base contains avocado, rice oil, honey, fruit extracts and hydrating agents, with vitamin E. It protects colour from fading and guards against free radicals.

To use, simply whip up your chosen mask powder with the restructuring mask base for a creamy hair smoothie! Apply to damp hair, leave for 5-10 minutes, comb and rinse... your clients will love the experience and be delighted with the results!

Your clients will love the fragrances that add to the excitement of the salon experience, as well as the phenomenal condition and brilliant results!

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