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Deacons Hair Salon, KZN, Shares their Story: Salon Photo Tour

Kyle and Nicky have made their dream a reality! After years of hard work and building their reputation in the Hillcrest and Upper Highway area for 10 years they've done it! Deacons Hair Salon officially opened its doors on the 1st March in the Hillcrest centre on Old Main Rd.

Clientele ranges from school kids to a young trendy 20 something, to rocking moms and dads and of course our funky grans and grandpas.

The decor is retro vintage with a rockabilly feel, keeping a lot of the furnishings wooden and muted. We went big and bold on the wall colour and wanted a lot of visual because since clients are sometimes in a salon for hours, the visual buffet includes frames of personal pics and some quirky pics just for a bit of a laugh.

Introducing a lot of greenery compliments the red wall and adds to the homely atmosphere.

Before entering the salon you will see our beautiful "Mary" parked up against the main shop front window. Mary is a 1956 Royal Enfield and has been loaned to us by one of our clients for a bit of eye candy. People ask why have a motorbike in a hair salon? We say because it’s just too damn cool!

As you enter the salon there are big comfy leather couches with some fun quirky games and books to keep clients entertained. We believe the comfort of a waiting area should be a place the client wants to simply hang out in, even after their hair service we want our clients to feel it is their home too and they want to stay and just relax.

Our open bar area is designed, again, to make our clients feel like they are home, with cold beers, various wines and some beautiful whiskeys. Our cappuccino machine is also set up at the bar area.

Our music choice keeps with a bit of 50s swing and some good old Elvis to some classic 70's rock mixed with some soulful blues. Clients and staff dance and tap their feet to the familiar classics.

Our back area is under construction and will be occupied by our very own resident tattoo artist hopefully by mid year.

Congrats on a stunning salon and story!

Deacons Hair Salon is in the Hillcrest Centre, 40 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, KZN.


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