New KMS Stylecolor: Spray-On Urban Artistry for Hair

The highly anticipated launch of a brilliant product that offers instant, perfect results, opens up a world of colour freedom.

Now your clients can change their hair colour as often as they change their clothes.

Easy to apply, this spray colour is available in 9 trendy tones – including natural and creative shades – that are pillow-proof and waterproof, and can be easily removed by shampooing.

The incredible technology in these products makes them effective on every level of hair... the formula contains a unique polymer complex with a blend of pigments that evenly adheres to the hair’s surface and builds a flexible, ultra-thin film. This guarantees even results and a movable finish on lighter and darker tones!

Whether your clients want to spray in copper or blonde highlights, or add a shimmering bright fashion shade, they’ll be able to achieve the look fast, easily and with no commitment!

The water-repellent surface ensures that Stylecolor only comes off when your client shampoos it out!

Creativity has never been so easy... or such fun!

To order Stylecolor now for your salon contact 011 312 5070 or speak to your Kao representative.

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Want to see Stylecolor in action? Watch the video below.

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