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Groomed Academy & Salon: Next-Level Barbering & Male Grooming Education

Groomed Academy specialises in short courses, offering expert tuition, creating total skill and proficiency in all aspects of barbering and male grooming.

The benefits of attending Groomed Academy courses:

• You can offer a wider range of men’s hair and grooming services, maximising turnover

• You can raise prices and still keep a growing clientele

• You can retain clients through being proficient in the latest trends

• Students can be employed immediately after the course, and start earning

Barbers are currently in huge demand. “We have so many barber shops requesting staff, that I can send students for interviews straight after completing the course, and 95% of them are employed immediately,” explains Eric Way, academy founder and principal.

Eric’s business advice for barbers? “There is a huge demand for male grooming services that are more than just basic barbering. If a barber wants to upgrade his services and set himself apart from lower priced competition, he needs to create a point of difference and this can be done through offering additional male grooming services.”

The new Groomed Academy is based in Somerset West where courses are held in the evenings (to accommodate working students). Selected courses are also held regularly in Johannesburg and in other areas from time to time.

Here’s a look at the incredible education offered at Groomed Academy:


Mastering the art of using a clipper and learning different styles of fades, this course gives the Beginner the foundation and basic knowledge of the cutting processes on a mannequin head and live models. You will learn a variety of different fades and clipper, scissor combinations.


This course is for those with cutting experience wanting to upskill or improve their technique of clippering and fading. Great for those stylists that are a little rusty and need a refresher.


Hot Towel/Wet shaving is an art form that has rapidly come back into fashion and is an increasingly important skill for barbers and hair salons. We train a maximum of 4 students in a group on several product ranges including The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving range from the UK, The Captains Beard, and Paul Mitchell's MVRCK from the USA. Facial waxing is also covered.

GENTS’ COLOUR (New course: 2 days)

This course includes all the easy, trendy and popular colour techniques including bleaching, toning and lowlights – all tailored to shorter hair and specifically for gents.

JUNIOR BARBER COURSE (New course: 3 weeks)

This course includes both evening education and job shadowing in the afternoons from 12 to 5 pm, where each student will be allocated to their own Master Barber at the incredible new Groomed Men Salon, to assist them and learn through observation.

For international students the Junior Barber Course has been combined with tourism, so that students can study during the week and on the weekends, enjoy one of several adventurous and awesome tourism options within the Western Cape, all organised as part of the course!

Other Grooming Courses Including Male Body Waxing, Mani-Pedis, Teeth Whitening and Male Make Up Also Available

For Further Enquiries, A Price List, or To Book, Contact:

More About The New Groomed Men Salon in Somerset West

Representing the epitome of male grooming luxury, this emporium is designed to be a lifestyle destination where gents can read, relax, and enjoy the finest hairdressing and grooming services in a welcoming environment, or in an exclusive VIP room. This private VIP area is where the Groomed Men Salon IHT clients have their next-generation hair technology applied, and men’s beauty treatments are done, by IHT and grooming specialist Zenobia Cunningham.

Guests at this salon will experience personalised treatment protocols from Eric Way and his team of top barbering and grooming experts, including a level of service and expertise which sets this salon apart.

Located opposite the Cheetah Outreach and with incredible views of the cheetah run, Eric (who is on the executive committee of the Outreach) donates a portion of every service to the Cheetah Outreach.

“My background is in fashion, and at Groomed Men Salon, I treat people the same way we did in the fashion world... we don’t have egos, we are not prima donnas. It is all about the outcome for the client – our hairstylists are humble and want to give the best possible services. Our academy lecturers are there to educate and to create future stars. It’s all about the results, whether you are a client or a student.”

For Further Enquiries Contact:

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