Why Stylists Are Choosing the 9 Level Lift,  MUK Hybrid Ultra Lift Bleach Over All Others

muk Hybrid Ultra Lift Bleach is designed to produce clean and clear lightening results with up to 9 levels of lift whilst helping to maintain the health and integrity of the hair. Formulated for use on scalp, foils, balayage, freehand.

Below are the Testimonials from muk Bleach users and info on our amazing Salon Deal!

Testimonial #1 - Gail from Xpertease

I recently learned that the power of the lift is in the powder lightener and not in the developer . Muk powder lightener is the most effective lightener that I have used in my career, not only does it lift clean it is incredibly gentle on the Hair fibre .Adding clay powder to my muk lightner gives me the flexibility to work really close to the roots with no risk of swelling or bleeding. Balayage is no longer so scary when you have the right products to set you up for success.

Muk is hands down the best of the best!

Gail from Xpertease

Testimonial #2 - Mel Keyzer from MINCE

So I saw this brand called Muk trending on Instagram and decided we NEED to try it out. I called upon the lovely Miriam Grove and on the day of our “play date” about 3 months ago, we played with various colours, bleach, styling and back bar products and being married to (competitor brand) for basically a decade, we converted on the day! This is seriously the most versatile range I have ever tried, Muk results are predictable and perfect every time. The consistency of the colour lends so much freedom in various techniques, free hand work has gone to the next level too. Not to mention the purest of blondes. The ongoing innovation is incomparable to any other brand on the market today. Being the 27’th country to get our hands on this product, we are super chuffed to be the first salon in Stellenbosch to go FULL MUK! We can’t wait to try the latest vivids range that has just been launched in Australia. Tick tock... Any hairdresser that tries this brand will never want to use anything else, EVER! Our clientele cannot compliment enough on opulence, shine, feel, lasting results, literally zero smell and no irritation whatsoever! Muk is a serious game changer in this fast paced industry of hair. The fact that it is vegan, cruelty free, 80% natural ingredients, PPD free and PETA approved opens up a whole new world in going green. Being part of the Muk global family is an honour. Thank you Muk, you rock our world!

Mel Keyzer from MINCE

Testimonial #3 - Alisa from Beautiful Chaos

"I love working with this specific bleach as it lifts beautifully, evenly and leaves the hair in great condition. A gentle yet reliable product! 10/10

Alisa from Beautiful Chaos

Testimonial #4 - Caroline from Beauty and Stuff

The bleach is incredible because it’s packed power but it’s very gentle on the hair. The bleach produces such a clean and even lift which opens up the doors to so many opportunities for creative toning. Essentially the bleach gives me the freedom to be creative and it gives the client reassurance knowing their hair is in good, gentle hands.

Caroline from Beauty and Stuff

Testimonial #5 - Brandon from Cellar Door

Muk Pre lightener has amazing lifting capabilities with almost no irritation when doing on scalp application with 10 and 20 volume lotions, I’m impressed with how it moves through unwanted color giving me up to 8/9 levels of lift every time

Brandon from Cellar door

Testimonial #6 - Robyn from Shear Hair

I LOVE the MUK bleach! It leaves my hair feeling new and refreshed, healthy and blonder than ever. Highly recommended

Robyn from Shear Hair​

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