Blue Arctic Bleed from Carla Klue, Haus of Klue

This incredible blue bleed changes according to the light... colour perfection by Carla Klue at House of Klue,

My client had about a year of regrowth and previous bleach on the ends. The Roots to midlengths was bleached with Inebrya violet bleach +20 vol and I included Keune Bond Fusion for bond protection. At the basin I did a bleach bath with 20 vol on the mid lengths to ends to ensure that I get an even lift.

Label.m intensive repair shampoo was used to strengthen the hair for our second process.

For the color bleed I did Pravana silver with a smidge of Crazy Color natural black to deepen the pigment and the pastel blue is Crazy Color natural with peacock blue. Peacock blue has a bit of green pigment which makes the pastel more of a turquoise than a baby blue.

I finished off with a Keune Bond Fusion stand alone which strengthens the disulphide bonds and leaves the hair in impeccable condition.

This would typically take from 6-8 hours depending on the lift that the hair allows and whether it is virgin or chemically treated hair.

Haus of Klue, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort, Jhb

Tel: 074 179 3095

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