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Create Perfect Blondes with Decologic from milk_shake

Technology and innovation combine in the powerful Decologic range, a full spectrum of lightening and toning services, created at concept research laboratories.

The environmentally sustainable range is formulated from high quality raw materials and naturally sourced active ingredients, Decologic allows your creativity to shine with brilliant and beautiful blonde results.

Key Ingredients

• Organic Cranberry Extract is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to enhance protection and give hair a healthy, revitalised appearance.

• Clay sourced from Brazil has a unique golden colour and a high affinity with hair, smoothing the cuticle and enhancing repairing processes.

• Silk Proteins have a great affinity with hair keratin, which they condition and protect for high manageability and shine.

The Range Includes

• Three lifting powders: Conditioning Lightening Powder, Conditioning Blue Lightening Powder, and Extra High Lift Powder.

• Clay Balayage Lightener - perfect for a precise and accurate result.

• Total Roots Lightener – a gentle, ammonia-free lightening cream

• Toning Gel – light and efficient, for perfect tone in eight beautiful shades.

• Oxidising Emulsion – 5 developers in different strengths from 5 to 40

All packaged in eco-friendly packaging that is recyclable.

Contact milk_shake on Head Office: 021 552 2369 | Email: or | Facebook | Twitter

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