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Sexy Hair Style Lock Pro Dryer

The incredible, lightweight Sexy Hair Style Lock Pro Dryer is available now exclusively from Hair and Beauty Warehouse.


• Smart Lock Technology

• 9ft Cord

• Ceramic coating inside this lightweight yet powerful dryer emits non-damaging infrared heat. Offering thermal protection by drying the hair quickly and efficiently.

• Smart sensor feature automatically turns the dryer off when being put down and back on when picked up. This feature can be turned on or off.

• Ion On/Off feature provides positive or negative ions for customised styling depending on hair types and desired results.

• Positive Ions: By leaving the ion button "Off", positive ions help create volume and enhance texture in the hair. Ideal for fine, thin hair.

• Negative Ions: By switching the ion button "On", negative ions break up water molecules, hydrating the hair and decreasing drying time, while creating a smooth, sleek blowout. Ideal for thick, coarse and unruly hair.

• Cool Shot feature seals the cuticle and enhances shine while also controlling flyaways. It sets, locks in and perfects blowouts.

Order yours today!

Contact Hair and Beauty Warehouse:

Tel: 012 567 1303

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