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Be Bold, Spontaneous and Fearless

Sebastian Professional Knotted Collection

“Beauty should never be boring. It's time to find a new way to channel your creativity and evolve your expression.” Sebastian Professional

Tied up doesn't have to mean tamed. Sebastian’s Knotted Collection transforms classic braids and buns into fashion-forward, bold, spontaneous and fearless hair.

Grungy chic distressed knots and deconstructed buns are a new and exciting and feature on all the catwalks this season. The knotted concept is about deconstructing “normal”, only to rebuild it – fearlessly and in reverse.

The finished look is experimental and unrefined and has a YouTube ‘did it myself’ tutorial feel. Besides looking effortless, the trend is also about celebrating the culture of individuality. It is for millennials who know who they are, who do what they want, who have a sense of style. There is a sense of street, a sense of millennial, a sense of influencer.

Successful knots need to be balanced with a look of effortlessness. They need to be precisely imprecise and perfectly imperfect.

It’s however not as simple as it sounds! Practiced technique and skilled hand craft is needed to make successful knots. Pinning grips through knots is a trick to make them last longer; one up and one down – crossing over to make an X in the centre – and the knot will stay intact. Or, add a French braid within a knotted piece of hair for a braided, yet deconstructed feel.

For maximum effect, hair mustn’t be ironed or smooth. Allow for the texture and the cuticle layer of the hair to be supported and supportive. Add grit and shape with Sebastian products such as clay/putty products and hairspray or salt spray. Use a dry shampoo like the EIMI Dry Shampoo prior to styling to add texture to the hair. Be free, be spontaneous and be fearless. Play, explore, create.

About Reto Camichel

Reto is the South African Creative Ambassador for Sebastian Professional. He is a member of the International Sebastian Core Creative Team. The 14 members of the international team, together with an art director, co-create to inspire trends, and teach other stylists their craft and vision.

Reto has worked next to the world’s top stylists at New York Fashion Week and in Milan and Cape Town. He is the owner of RetoHQ, a boutique salon in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Reto’s signature is his focus on and personal connection with each client.

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