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Blonde Brilliance with milk_shake Sweet Camomile

Revive the brilliant beauty of blonde hair with a new range from milk_shake, specially formulated to revive, nourish and enhance blonde hair.

Sweet Camomile shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner are enriched with camomile and honey to enhance blonde colour while leaving it super-soft to the touch.

Camomile revives the natural highlights of blonde, leaving hair shiny and luminous.

Organic wildflower honey, prized for its nourishing properties, makes hair incredibly soft, silky, and full of brilliant highlights.

In addition to these superstar ingredients, the range is packed with powerful natural extracts and the latest cutting-edge technology including:

• Glycerine extract from organic camomile, renowned for its lightening properties

• Fruit extracts including papaya and apricot with multivitamin actions for vitality and shine

• Organic aloe vera gel has a protective, soothing effect

• Integrity 41, extracted from sunflower seeds, protects colour from free radicals and helps it last with more stability and brightness

• Vitamin E has an energising, antioxidant and revitalising action

• Rice bran oil moisturises and nourishes the scalp and hair, for soft silky results

• Panthenol soothes, softens and moisturises

Your clients beautiful blondes can now be brilliantly illuminated, cared for and maintained!

Contact milk_shake on Head Office: 021 552 2369 | Email: or | Facebook | Twitter

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