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Industry Update: ARPL Info

The following info has been provided by Anny Britz, who was a member of the NAMB Working Group for the updated hairdressing qualification.

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

Candidates who are 19 years of age and have worked a minimum of 3 years in the trade are eligible to follow the ARPL route.

This is specifically for those candidates who have not received any formal training but have the workplace experience.

The candidates will approach a Trade Test Centre and apply for ARPL, what must be noted is that ARPL and the successful completion thereof allows the learner access to apply for the trade test and does not end in a qualification but merely a manner in which the candidate can access entry to the trade test.

The ARPL is a process in which the learner is mentored and assisted to complete a Portfolio, this is then followed by a Theory and Practical Assessment.

Once all the above components are successfully completed the candidate receives a statement of results with which they can apply for Trade Test.

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