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Want to stock Mycro Keratin in your Western Cape salon?

Mycro Keratin is the only keratin treatment asked for by name in our industry and already has a huge following of consumer fans loving the amazing result. The versatility of this treatment is endless and can even be offered in salon as a standalone repair treatment.

The treatment is quick and easy and only takes an average of ninety minutes of your time! No smoke, toxins or harmful chemicals will be experienced during the treatment which makes it a pleasure to work with for both you and your clients. 100% of your clients frizz problems will be removed after using Mycro Keratin.

This treatment restores the natural Keratin levels while treating the frizz out of the hair. Although not permanent, the treatment is long term, lasting from three to six months. The result is strong, soft, beautifully healthy hair with a radiant shine and reduces styling time at home by 60 - 70%.

Hed Kulture is the distributor of Mycro Keratin in the Western Cape – we would love you to become part of our family! We promise you the very best service and we will always go the extra mile for you!

To have more information or see a sales representative in Western Cape, contact Hed Kulture on 082 089 1114 or email

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