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Digimagick: Everything you need to know about Marketing your Salon Online

We asked Customer Acquisition Experts Digimagick how Salons can use digital marketing to increase their client base. This is what Candice and Edwin had to say:

1. Firstly you need to really get to know your ideal customers. Thereafter you are able to create a customer Avatar of your ideal customer. List down all the unique demographics and psychographics of your ideal customers, this is going to be worth gold when you start targeting audiences!

2. Create audiences that match the demographics of your ideal customer avatar. If two people have similar personality characteristics and spending habits chances are that they will take up similar offers, so by targeting these “Look A Like” audiences your conversion rates are going to go through the roof.

3. Just like in real life, before spending money you need to get to know like and trust a brand, so the first step is to run a warming campaign. This can be in the form of a blog article with great “How To” tips, a video of yourself explaining the benefits of certain processes or a video of your Salon. Something happens in our brains when we watch videos of real people (hence the success of reality TV ) so wherever possible talk to your followers through Facebook and Instagram Live platforms or record yourself chatting about your business services.

4. Post daily pics and videos on your Instagram and Facebook pages, before, during and after works the best!

5. Once your audience has an affinity for your brand you are all set to run your first conversion campaign! In a nutshell a conversion campaign is a process whereby your show a great offer to people who are already interested in your brand and products, convert them into leads by obtaining their details and then getting them to book appointments with you!

6. And for goodness sakes please make sure that you are retargeting all visitors to your pages, and people who engage with your content. Marketers install a bit of tracking code called a Facebook Pixel, this tracking code needs to be installed in your website or landing pages and is used to send advertisements to everyone who visited your pages.

Digimagick specialises in customer acquisition for Salon Owners so we thought we would ask them a few questions that would help our readers improve their digital marketing 😊

1.What are the common marketing mistakes made by Salon Owners?

Candice: Follow through, once a strategy has been decided upon it needs to be followed through and tweaked to ensure that they get the highest possible returns.

2.Some Salon Owners and Managers claim that they have tried social media marketing and it just did not work for them

Edwin: That is 100% correct, social media posts, boosts and shares are no longer as effective as they used to be. Less than 1% of your page following will actually see your organic content. Salons that implement lead generation marketing strategies which include warming content, conversion campaigns and sales follow up are experiencing enormous returns on their marketing spend.

3. We have heard you talking about lifetime value of clients, please can you tell us what exactly this means.

Candice: Life time value of our customers is something that every Salon Owner and Manager needs to understand and live eat and breathe! We all know that customers are our life blood, repeat business is what we strive for as this ensures ongoing income for our team. In terms of Marketing Maths what we are referring to is the value that clients spend with our salon in a period of time. For example if a client spends R1000 every 8 weeks that equates to R6000 a year. This means that 20 new clients are worth R120 000 a year to your salon! So if you are able to attract 20 new clients every month, or 240 new clients a year that would increase your annual turn over with a staggering R1, 440, 000.00!!

4.What are the costs involved with employing a customer acquisition agency?

Edwin: There are two costs involved:

1.Ad spend. This is the money that is paid directly to the various advertising platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook etc. An average campaign can cost between R3000 and R7000 a month in ad spend

2.Retainer fees: These are the fees that are paid to agencies to design, implement and monitor campaigns on your behalf.

Our packages start at R10, 000.00 a month however we are committed to giving back to our industry and as such we have offered all Hair News subscribers a 50% discount on our retainer fees!

So for as little as R5,000.00 a month you could be increasing your turnover by R120, 000.00 – Every Month!

As Candice has said, that’s an increase in turnover of R1, 440, 000.00 per year with an investment of R60, 000.00 (R5, 000.00 per month for 12 months)

Digimagick is offering all new clients a 50% discount!

This offer is exclusive to HairNews subscribers, to claim simply CLICK HERE and enter your details or email info@digimagick.com subject line “HairNews” .

If email and forms aren’t your thing then chat online with either Candice or Edwin.

Simply click on the links below:

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Remember! The most important aspect of any business is attracting new clients, while still retaining and looking after your loyal regular clients.

Without clients you are dead in the water…….so give the industry specialists a call.

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