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Reuzel Barbers Ready to Take on Rotterdam

Barbering the Schorem Way

In November 2018, Reuzel South Africa sent out a call on social media to barbers around the country asking them to send in video applications for the opportunity to train at the Old School Barber Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The opportunity is not only allowing the chosen applicants to train with the founders of Reuzel - Schorem Barbers Leen Bergmann and Bertus Jan Rietveld – but, also to become ambassadors and accredited educators for the Reuzel brand in South Africa.

The ambassadors, or Scumbassadors - as they are known in the Reuzel community - are going to train South African barbers on cutting techniques and Reuzel product at designated educational seminars.

The essence of the Reuzel brand and what the Scumbassadors embody stems from the Schorem barbershop. Both barbers and brand celebrate barbering as a craft; avoiding trends and focussing on training barbers to create Barbering Classics and Signature Cuts using the ‘world’s finest pomades’.

The Reuzel Scumbassador:

Taking the Greasy Gospel to the World

The Reuzel ‘Scumbassador’ will represent the brand and the Schorem way of teaching haircuts, hair styling, and using Reuzel product. The South African Scumbassadors will become preachers of what is termed ‘the greasy gospel’: they will live the brand in their own barbershops, at seminars, and on social media – and they will become the peer experts on all things Reuzel.

Meet South African ‘Scumbassadors’

Two of South Africa’s barbers – Lazlo Venter and Boyden Barnardo- will be flown up to Rotterdam to start their journey as Reuzel Scumbassadors. Both Lazlo and Boyden were chosen by Reuzel International to represent the Reuzel distributors in South Africa and to become certified Reuzel educators.

Lazlo - head barber and owner of Sweeny’s Barber Shop in Durban describes himself as a mad-man, mamba with a straight razor, and trigger-happy with a clipper. He says about going to Rotterdam, “excited is not the word. For me, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet my idols (Bertus & Leen) at my favourite barbershop!”

Boyden Barnardo - owner of Freedom Hair Barbering and Coffee, a Barbershop in Melville, Johannesburg - went from being a solo barber and hairstylist, to having his own shop with four working barbers. He also acts as the barbershop barista and front of house manager. Boyden’s anticipation can be felt when he says that he is “mad excited” to visit the Old School Academy.

“This is a dream come true and I just can't wait to get to Rotterdam and absorb as much knowledge as I can. This is going to be an out of this world experience. Thank you to Reuzel, Schorem, and Modern Hair & Beauty for making this happen. It truly has started as an unforgettable 2019!”

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About Reuzel

The Reuzel brand was founded by Leen Bergmann & Bertus Jan Rietveld who are the founders of Schorem, an old school, men’s-only barbershop in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With more than 50 years of barbering and grooming experience between them, these barbers formulated products worthy of their exacting standards. They dug deep into the history of pomades to formulate what is said to be the world’s finest.

The product range includes a variety of pomades – water-soluble, clay-matte, fibre and grease – beard products, a gel, shampoos and a conditioner, tonics, and branded merchandise too. These products are perfect to use with any classic or signature men’s haircut.

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