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Bring Beautiful Hair Into The New Year

Post-holiday treatments for lasting colour and shine.

Many things should be left behind in 2018 – lustrous hair is not one of them. Yet, hours of relaxation spent in the ocean, the pool, and in the sun likely has left your clients’ hair dry, dehydrated, and their colour a little dull.

And, honestly, could you confidently face the new year with a new-year-new-me attitude when your hair is not the same soft, sleek, vibrant mane you left the salon with in December?


Your clients shouldn’t either.

Understand the effects of high-intensity light and UV rays combined with wind, salt and chlorinated water on hair

Photobleaching happens when the UVA and UVB radiation breaks down the natural hair pigment. In turn this decreases the amount of artificial colour in the hair as well. Another side effect of UV radiation are free radicals which damages the hair protein structure and leads to the weakening of the cuticles

Chlorine and salt have a direct effect on our hair's lipid content, and they erode the hair cell cement. This makes the hair susceptible to mechanical damage and weakens the hair bonds. Eventually this disrupts the structure of the hair and leads to further damage and dehydration.

So, stylists, it is your duty to come to the rescue and offer your clients in-salon treatments, services and home-care products that will repair and add moisture to their hair and revive their colour.

And, it’s our duty to offer you the post-holiday care tips we live by:

  • Intensive hair transformation in-salon treatments

  • Glossing services that will enhance the colour without causing any long-term side effects on the already weakened hair

  • Moisturising and repairing home care products to restore the hairs lustre as well as products designed to restore porosity

  • Styling aids to protect the hair from the effects of any additional heat

Intensive in-salon treatment

Intensive treatments penetrate the hair shaft to restore the natural moisture balance and to improve the hairs elasticity and manageability.

Also, the internal structure of the hair can be restored which will visibly improve the resilience, combability and make the hair easier to manage.

We recommend: The System Professional Intense treatment. This is a treatment that fuses two product benefits into one personalised experience, and at the same time forms, part of the clients own EnergyCode™. The treatment is finished with a protecting and sealing step to ensure you enjoy the transformative results for longer.

Colour Glossing

A colour glossing service is a quick in-salon service that few clients are aware of and certainly one of the services that will restore shine and vibrancy to their hair. Your clients can choose between a clear glossing service - which restores shine to the hair – or a colour glossing which is ideal refreshing the colour in the hair.

We recommend: Using Wella Professionals Illumina in your glossing service for superior hair protection and light reflection.

Take Home Hair Care

After a long summer holiday, clients need to include regular treatments into their home hair care regime. Discussing the benefits of adding a mask or specialist serum to their regime is essential if we want to sustain the effect of an in-salon treatment

We recommend: System Professional salons can re-evaluate clients’ hair care needs using the process of an EnergyCode™ mapping and add products from the Extra Line like Elastic Force, Liquid Hair and even Alpha Energy serum to compliment the cleanser, conditioning cream, and mask

Wella Professionals Oil Reflections or Fusion masks or even the Kadus Brown or Silver Mask will allow your clients to prolong their in-salon post-holiday service.

Pro Tip: Mariska Treurnicht, Field Education Manager for Modern Hair & Beauty, advises that clients use less heat and opt for no-heat or low-heat styles. Braids are easy to style at home, use no heat, and look pretty for every occasion.

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