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Industry’s Highest Earners: Christine Le, USA

She’s not a superstar celebrity and she doesn’t live in Paris, New York or London! She’s a hard working, superbly educated and passionate hairstylist employed by Visible Changes salon in the Willowbrook Mall in Texas. Here’s her story.

Originally from Vietnam, Christine Le qualified at the Visible Changes academy and went on to work for the salon group. Today, she earns more than $600,000 a year... that’s the equivalent of over R8-million per year. It includes her hairdressing services as well as her retail product sales.

The salon owners recognise what an asset she is to the business and rewarded her by giving her a Mercedes Benz convertible in 2016!

What are Christine’s tips for success?

The main reason for her success is that she provides clients with solutions to their hair needs. She’s highly qualified in every service the salon offers, and does a thorough consultation with all clients to find out what they want.

Education is an absolute priority for Christine... she makes the most of every opportunity to attend courses both locally and internationally, and shares info by networking with her peers. Even so the success was not overnight. It took about 10 years for her to establish herself well enough to start making serious money. As a top level haircutter and director of the salon she charges higher prices which also enables her to earn better. She can easily produce $1,000 on a 7 hour shift, including service and retail.

Christine always looks professional and makes sure she is well dressed and perfectly groomed. Professionalism in the salon is hugely important, as is punctuality; she runs her book with total punctuality.

She believes a hunger for success is essential – you have to be highly motivated to succeed, but also have to take care of yourself so that you are healthy and happy in your work.

HERE'S the original article – inspirational for everyone looking to earn better!

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