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Need More Clients? Digimagick will Grow Your Customer Base

JanuWORRY through to March are known to be the worst trading periods for Salons……Or are they?

We’ve all been there, and it’s become a mindset in our industry.

January and February is our downtime after mass December craziness, getting all our clients ready for their holidays. Everyone has overspent during Christmas and New Year, they are now concerned with “back to school, back to work, back to varsity”, and just don’t have any money left to treat themselves. Traditionally this is the time of the year that we reduce budgets, cut expenses and try to survive until the end of Easter.

...OR... Are we just attracting the wrong clients? ?

A unique Digital Marketing Agency has quietly been helping Salons reach new markets and fill their appointments books throughout the year. Digimagick has been specialising in the beauty industry for over a year now, working exclusively with salons to grow their customer base, and get more bums in seats.

Their main focus is getting as many clients as you need in your salon, and they feel quite strongly about the fact that even though they are Digital Marketers, they most definitely do not run your social media, and are not responsible for posting content and boosting posts. Their skill runs way deeper than that from the back end!

Candice, from Digimagick lives by the principle “If you put the right offer in front of the right people you will always be successful.”

This is what has made Digimagick so successful with their campaigns. They first strive to understand what your perfect client’s habits are, then they start creating a relationship between fans and engagement to warm up this newly acquired fan base to “know, like and trust” your salon.

The perfect offer is crafted to attract future clients that match your perfect client’s demographics. These “Leads” are already used to spending money on their hair, they know the value of a professional service, and even understand how important good quality home care is!

This ultimately secures more appointments by people who can afford to make use of your services at any time of the year.

Salons face many challenges….the market is very competitive and so everyone is chasing price….keeping expenses under control…. keeping their teams motivated and loyal…..maintenance of their salon and most importantly attracting new clients while retaining their old clients.

“Sales forgives many Sins” says Edwin from Digimagick.

Increased turnover levels will increase cash flow which then empowers salon owners to take action, be it employing a manager to help relieve the pressure and give you your time back or opening additional outlets. Increased sales levels enable you to increase the number of work stations in your existing salon, a revamp, or whatever needs to be done to ensure your success. This always boils down to cash flow….so remember “Sales forgives many Sins”

By focussing exclusively on the Beauty industry, Digimagick have been able to focus on the most important aspect of running a salon and that is increasing turnover through customer acquisition. Sure, everything else is important however without paying clients none of us would be in business.

Digimagick is offering all Hairnews subscribers a 50% discount!

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Or email info@digimagick.com subject line “HairNews” .

If email and forms aren’t your thing then chat online with either Candice or Edwin.

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Candice | Edwin

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Meet Candice

While still in school Candice always knew she would become a Hairdresser. With twenty years in the Industry, she has travelled the world on Cruise Ships, worked for international brands L'Oreal, Redken and Pureology, and has also run a successful salon for the last nine years. She has had experience in all aspects of the industry, from the back end right to the front end. Marketing has always been her second love.

• In her salon, she was booked months in advance until a sudden back injury forced her to stop doing hair and focus on her business.

• She decided to study digital marketing at length, using every intricacy that Facebook, Google, • Instagram and YouTube have to offer. She has worked with and studied through top sales and marketing professionals in South Africa, like Niel Malan and Richard Ingram.

• It has been a life changing experience, as she was able to grow her staff and her salon like never before, through using this incredible medium.

With this level of marketing, her salon was able to make up the turnover she had lost from not being on the floor, within 2 months. Candice knows what works in this industry to attract the perfect clients for your business, and she can share her vast knowledge of how to keep them coming back..

Meet Edwin

Edwin’s extensive marketing and business knowledge affords his clients the opportunity to work with someone who understands what it takes to build a successful business, and scale that business without becoming a slave to that business. Edwin is extremely passionate about seeing business owners succeed and Digimagick has allowed him to live out his passion!

The ability to produce incredible results combined with Candice's Intimate knowledge of the Hair and Beauty Industry has resulted in a partnership that has proven to be very lucrative for Salon owners in the Beauty Industry!

Edwin has successfully launched his own businesses, from start up, including a Business Consultancy and Digital Marketing Agency which has allowed him to contribute to many business owner’s journeys to success. In his quest to help businesses thrive, Edwin has successfully implemented a system that works incredibly well for Salons and his sole focus is to continue to Develop Systems that Generate High Quality, High Converting Leads, which turn into Paying Customers for his clients.

Remember! The most important aspect of any business is attracting new clients, while still retaining and looking after your loyal regular clients.

Without clients you are dead in the water…….so give the industry specialists a call.

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