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From Box to Bombshell by Charles Junior Louw, Hashtag Colour Lounge

It takes a serious level of expertise to transform box-dyed brunette hair into a dazzling, futuristic blend of blue and red that works perfectly with the client. The seamless blend of the colours is spellbinding. This is why clients should visit salons – because the technical and artistic knowhow is worth its weight in gold!

Here’s how Charles achieved this incredible result:

From Box Colour.

Wella Blondor 9% + Wellaplex on box dyed areas.

Blondor 4% + Wellaplex (1cm away from roots - box dye area)

Shadow roots: Colour Touch 3/0 + 1.9%

Mid lengths: Colour CREATE equal amounts Ultra Purple and New Blue

Ends: Colour CREATE High Magenta

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Hashtag Colour Lounge

6 Millvale road, Milnerton Cape Town

071 872 7855

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