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Solar: Summer Hair Care from System Professional

Designed to protect the hair from damage through sun exposure

Summer holidays are here, and your clients are enjoying the warmer weather on the beach, next to the pool, or participating in many of the outdoor activities summer offers. And, although it feeds the soul, days spent in the sun and in the water can leave their hair feeling dry and colour dull.

We recommend, adding a Solar product from System Professional to your client’s EnergyCode™. The Solar range offers five products that protect the hair against sun and water exposure, nourishes and deeply repairs.

How System Professional Protects Hair

High-intensity light and UV exposure together with chlorine, salt and wind damage the hair’s structure resulting in loss of moisture, lipids, and deterioration of the protein structure. This causes porous hair and a loss of colour.

The Solar range was designed to protect your client’s hair, specifically because it contains two essential ingredients: HelioGuard Complex and HeliosStore Complex.

HelioGuard Complex envelopes the hair allowing for fewer UV rays to aggress the colour, and therefore its vibrancy is retained for longer.

HelioStore Complex helps reconstruct and restore the hair’s moisture balance by removing residues of sunscreen, salt and chlorinated water. It penetrates the hair, builds up its structure and adds moisture.

The Solar products also contain UV filters that absorb UV radiation and avocado oils which protects the hair against moisture loss.

The Solar Products

Solar Hair & Body Shampoo

Gently moisturises the hair, removing sunscreen, salt and chlorine residue on the hair and skin. Leaves the hair fresh, light and shiny.

Solar Hydro Repair Conditioner

The conditioner, with HelioRestore complex, repairs sun damage and intensively replaces moisture lost through salt and chlorine water.

Solar Sun Oil

Instantly adds softness during- and after sun exposure. The UV filters, combined with a luxurious blend of oils, deeply condition and protect the keratin for lasting smoothness.

Solar Sealing Cream

Daily Protecting Cream for deep nourishment that protects against UV radiation and the damaging effects of salt and chlorinated water.

Solar Helio Spray

Protects the hair from sun damage. The water-resistant spray, with its non-greasy formula, reduces the effects of UV radiation on the hair, and prevents protein damage, colour fading and loss of moisture.

Pick of the month: System Professional Helio Spray

The Helio Spray is our recommended holiday must-have for clients. It is the perfect travel companion and can be applied on wet hair before sun exposure, or directly after spending time in the water.

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