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Keune: Biggest Blonde Trends and How to Achieve Them

Did you know that only 5% of women are born blonde and stay natural blonde?*

But 59% of women want to be blonde! Therefore blonde services are big business!

The fastest growing blonde services are

#1 Mens Lightening*

#2 Balayage/hair painting*

#3 Lightening and toning*

#4 Pastel (+26%) and Silvers (+58%)*

*(Statistics source: Kline, 2017 - how colourful is your salon)

How Keune Delivers on Fast Growing Trends

Keune offers the widest selection of lighteners to address every possibility that your blonde clients could wish for. It is our top service and the one we pay special attention to. Keune Ultimate Blondes are the best choice for your salon if blonding treatments are a main part of your colouring services.

It has 4 categories of 1-step lightening and toning, and 4 powder lighteners, along with specialised toning and glazing options as well as 3 support categories for lightened hair.

Choosing The Right 1-Step Blonding Product

One step Blonding are high lifters addressing the amount of desired lift. These are for achieving natural looking blondes, i.e. “born blonde” - remember that natural blondes do have some warmth in them, but they are not brassy. Shades of wheat, honey, amber and soft golds are key indicators of natural blonde tones. Platinum and silver tones rarely exist in natural blondes.

Special Blondes Series will achieve between 3 and 4 levels of lift on natural levels 1 through 8 and up to 2 levels of lift on previously tinted hair.

Super Ash Blonde Series will achieve between 4 and 5 levels of lift for use on natural levels 1 through 9 and up to 2 levels of lift on previously tinted hair.

Super Blonde will achieve 5 levels of lift on natural levels 1 and above and up to 4 levels of lift on previously tinted hair.

Ultra Blonde will achieve 6 levels of lift on level 1 and above natural hair and up to 5 levels of lift on previously tinted hair.

Always choose how many levels of lift you require and then work with the most appropriate Ultimate Blonde product. These are all perfect for your Balayage, Ombre and Ecaille techniques also for regular foiling and on scalp applications - faster and gentler than bleaching and toning.

“Popping Blondes”, Platinums and Pastels

Use Powder lighteners when you need to see maximum contrast to natural colour as well as unnatural tones such as platinums, violets, metallics and pastel tones.

Keune offers Cream Blonde which is a gentle, calibrated lifting powder which lifts up to 7 levels on natural hair leaving the hair in a 50% stronger state than traditional bleaches.

Keune Magic Blonde is a faster acting lightener that will achieve 7 levels of lift on natural hair and is great for speed lightening especially on lighter levels of hair.

Keune Ultimate Blonde is a very high lifting bleach for use on levels 1 through 5 natural hair and achieves 8 levels of lift whilst keeping the hair in incredible condition.

Keune Freedom Blonde is a new generation Bleach developed specifically for hand painting and designer lightening techniques. Made with kaolin clay (used for porcelain) this bleach stays put and doesn’t bleed or leak allowing faster applications of your favourite technique work and some new ones!

Freedom Blond achieves up to 7 levels of lift.

For more info on Keune Tinta Color or Ultimate Blonde, please contact Keune at All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644.

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