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Keune Tinta Color

Keune Tinta Color was specially developed to be the most conditioning and longest lasting color available. Your clients will love the astonishing condition, and the durability of this color which lasts and lasts... here’s the technical magic behind this world-leading product!

Tinta Color is the only color with a built in protection system consisting of a Triple Color Protection complex. This includes Solamer, which reduces fade by 30% with a protective layer of sunscreen, Siilk Proteins which keep the cuticle flat and shiny, locking colour into the hair, and LP 300, a color stabiliser. This specialised ingredient helps pigments bind better into the structure, prevents damage during colouring, and reduces fade by up to 40%.

Tinta Color has very low ammonia and is also PPD free which makes it one of the safest colours available, preserving the hair’s integrity. Our Hydrolysed Coconut Oil base provides exceptional conditioning and scalp protection during the colouring process without staining the scalp. It spreads easily through the hair so application is super fast!

Keune Tinta Color is one of the best colours in the world today and our palette is constantly updated with the latest shades for the year’s fashion trends.

Tinta Ultimate Cover - 7 intense naturals and 7 fashion shades that cover resistant grey without having to mix in a natural shade maintaining tonal intensity.

Tinta Red Infinity Shades - 4 super intense red shades that may be intermixed with he rest of the range to deliver even higher impact red tones that are fade resistant.

Tinta Ultimate Blonde Series - 10 high lift shades that out perform traditional high lifters and will guarantee 3, 4 & 5 levels of lift respectively with up to 2 levels of lift on previously tinted hair.

Tinta Ultimate Blonde Series also includes an additional 8 bleaches with 6, 7 & 8 levels of lift respectively, delivering luminous shine and consistent lifting and up to 6 levels of lift on previously tinted hair.

To upgrade to Keune Tinta Color for your salon and see our incredible door openers, please contact Keune at All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644.

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