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O&M Project Sukuroi: The Art of Repair

Inspired by Kintsukurio, a Japanese word describing the art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer, O&M Project Sukuroi Golden Smoothing Balm smoothes and repairs hair with a formula including Gold Oil.

This incredible product delivers a smooth, glossy, featherlike softness to the hair while helping to reconstruct even the most damaged hair. It returns hair to a virgin feel.

Take a look at the application and results.

Gold of Pleasure Oil originates from the flowering Camelina plant – packed with antioxidants, it hydrates, conditions and protects hair, giving it a youthful feel without any oiliness.

Macadamia Oil is a native Australian hero product that adds gloss and shine to the hair. Light enough to infuse the hair shaft, it provides long lasting moisture.

Keratin strengthens, rebuilds and smoothes the hair.

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