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Styles: Dust by Enrique Serrano, Salon Gaudi, Spain

With gorgeous lines and magical colour, Dust is the debut of Enrique Serrano, creative director of Salon Gaudi. “Enrique opens the doors to a world of elegant passions and wild femininity. Dust is a fusion of fascination, talent and inspiration in art, fashion and hair... high couture latex masks tune and shade the faces for a surrealistic effect.

Concept: Enrique Serrano

Hair: Salon Gaudi

Photos: Danniel Rojas, assisted by Ruben Vallejo

Fashion Stylist: Arturo Arguelles

Make up: Aida Rojas

Nails: Salon Gaudi

Model: Poly Konovalova – Trend Models

Latex: Madrubb

Products: I.C.O.N

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