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World’s Oldest Barber is 107!

What an amazing story. The New York Times recently reported on the world’s oldest barber – Anthony Mancinelli. At the age of 107 he is still healthy, with good eyesight, all his teeth, and cutting hair full day with more energy than the 20 year olds in his salon, Fantastic Cuts, north of New York City.

Anthony’s clientele include grandchildren and great grandchildren of his original clients and he has cut a huge variety of styles in his career, as trends have changed. When he started barbering, people visited barber shops to have warts burned off and leeches applied, as well as for a haircut.

Having worked in barbershops since he was 11, Anthony dropped out of high school to cut hair full time. He even keeps a pair of manual hair clippers in his drawer, to use when the power goes out!

Read the full story HERE.

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