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Dyson Supersonic Professional: Industry Icons’ Feedback!

The Dyson Supersonic Professional is the hairdryer of choice for industry icons, who want the very best for their clientele during their busy working day.

Shelene Shaer from Tanaz, Illovo, and Thelma de Klerk from Hair By Thelma at The Muse, Bedfordview, both use Dyson Professional Supersonic hairdryers. Here’s their feedback on their prized tools:

Shelene Shaer: This is undoubtedly the best hairdryer on the market, I just love it!

Most hairdressers struggle with frozen shoulder and back problems and this disappears when you use the Dyson, because the weight is in the handle so you don’t have to physically shift the weight backwards, the dryer is automatically in the correct position.

I am amazed, for a hairdryer that sounds so quiet, how well it dries and the speed it dries at. It really throws you because you expect a powerful dryer to be noisy. You have to do so much less – you don’t have to pass the brush over the hair multiple times when drying, and the hair is definitely more shiny.

The magnetic attachments are just fantastic, and the fact it comes with a diffuser is an absolute pleasure with curls being back in fashion. It is also so easily transportable, it goes in my handbag when I fly down to Cape Town, and this really makes a huge difference.

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Thelma de Klerk: I have been a proud owner since October 2017 and here’s why I love the Dyson.

It’s lightweight and therefore very ergonomic for everyday use, and it will never overpower a conversation with your client. I used to think the louder the dryer, the more powerful it would be... not with the Dyson. The way the air flow is designed, along with the speed of the dryer, makes drying hair a lot easier and more convenient.

The hair feels as if you have done a treatment on your client. The Dyson can’t burn hair so it feels soft, workable and shiny. It will never suck hair from its super fine filter, and it is really easy to clean. Clients are always fascinated by the dryer and feel proud that I am using the “latest and greatest” on their hair!

Another plus... I’ve dropped my Dyson about three times! I know... absolute heart failure, but it has worked fine each time afterwards, with no problems.

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