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O&M Fashion Week Inspiration: How-Tos

Fashion-focused brand Original Mineral is involved with one of the most anticipated international fashion events of the year... New York Fashion Week. Their incredible products are responsible for creating the breathtaking runway work showcased by top designers and models.

O&M is proud to bring you inspirational and edgy work from the recent New York Fashion Week for spring-summer 2019.

Create The Look:

Alien-Inspired High & Low Ponytails with Wild Coloured Bangs

This look was all about high and low ponytails with an alien-inspired twist, plus a mix of classic low ponies and cone head high styles with a wild colored bang coloured with Original Mineral COR.Colour.

How-To Step-by-Step:

• Dry hair completely layer by layer. Spray O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Spray on length before drying to strengthen the hold.

• Use a brush to pull hair up or down into a smooth ponytail (up for high pony and down for low pony). Secure with an elastic.

• For high cone ponytail, secure coloured bang right above the hairline.

• Next apply O&M Project Sukuroi Smoothing Hair Balm from the root to the ponytail for a sleek shine.

• Iron the length of the pony to make it sleek and smooth.

• Spray Original & Mineral Original Queenie Firm Hold Spray to finish.

O&M Products Used to Get the Look:

Original & Mineral Original Queenie Firm Hold Spray - A firm hold hair spray with native Australian extract Lilly Pilly.

Original & Mineral Original Queenie Firm Hold Spray - A smoothing balm with Camelina Gold Oil that repairs damaged hair.

O&M In Your Salon

If you love O&M’s fresh, clean, fashion-focused ethos, we’d love to tell you more about this boutique range, which uses the purest and most effective natural ingredients for healthy, beautiful hair.

Get in touch with us – we’d love to visit your salon so you can see and feel the range for yourself!

For more info contact 082 089 1114 or email nic@hedkulture.com

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