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Unleash your Potential with Amazing Sales Education

Do your hairstylists believe they are not salespeople?

The truth is, we all are! Every time we interact with another person, we are actually “selling” ourselves, whether it’s a client in the chair, an interaction with our industry peers, our staff, or even our personal relationships.

Until now there has been no training that focuses intensely on the mindset (beliefs, attitudes, disciplines and habits), that can transform hairstylists into:

Top performers

Industry leaders

Positive influencers

Outstanding communicators

People who bring exceptional value to their clients

People who take responsibility for their own high performance mindset

This is an area where the industry is often lacking, purely because nobody has provided the tools to make it possible. Now you can unlock the confidence, belief and self-esteem you need to take you to the next level.

A change in mindset can propel you to better earnings, improve your relationship with clients, position you as an industry leader, and superpower your career. It takes specialised education to achieve this, as you have to change the deep-seated beliefs, emotional patterns and attitudes in your subconscious.

Hairnews will soon be bringing you more information on a full-day course that can change your life, change your thinking, grow you personally and professionally, and launch you on a journey to growth with unlimited potential.

Would you like to know more?

Email info@hairnews.co.za with the words Sales Mindset, your area, and the numbers of people in your salon including owners and managers, who you believe could benefit from this. We will send you more info on this exciting opportunity asap!

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